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Printed labels

printed labelsPrinted labels have a multitude of uses, just look around you and the chances are you will see labels on several things (if you can't find anything, look on the back of your computer - we offer that type of label too!).
We can offer labels for all sorts of purposes and applications, but they can be grouped as follows:
  • Standard paper printed labels. These are printed using traditional methods on either white or coloured paper labels. The white labels have a choice of peelable adhesive or permanent adhesive. Due to the lower material costs, this option offers low costs while still maintaining high quality.

  • Waterproof labels which are produced from either standard vinyl or polyesters. These labels also give a hardwearing option for environments where labels need to tolerate harder conditions (being knocked or banged a lot).

  • Special labels. This includes labels needed for diverse applications like security labelling or asset registering. In this range, we offer:
    • Tamper-evident labels (a very thin vinyl with a strong adhesive)
    • Silver appliance labels (similar to the silver labels found on the back of computers and other electrical equipment).
    • Void labels - when the label is removed from the surface it has been stuck to, the word "void" is pulled from the surface of the label so that you know when a label has been tampered with.
We offer all single-colour printed labels on rolls, and all digitally printed full-colour labels are supplied on sheets.