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letterheadsWhen we developed our range of printed letterheads, we considered the following points so that we could offer a range to suit all budgets and requirements.
  • Print quality and process used. Although we offer letterheads in writing pads for home use, the majority of customers require letterheads on A4 sheets. As these are usually printed on laser or inkjet printers, we do not digitally-print them, but rather opt for the more traditional and more robust method of litho-printing.

  • Papers used. We only print using the best quality 100gsm laser-guaranteed white paper. This enables you to order in the knowledge that the letterheads will work well with any modern inkjet printer, laser printer or even photocopier.

  • Speed of dispatch. As traditional methods are used, we are unable to offer a next day service, but our short turnaround time means that we will dispatch your letterheads within 5 days.